As a presenter, Linda inspired the teachers, using visual thinking strategies and movement techniques to broaden their focus to create a wide range of responses. She was impressive and addressed many layers of learning.
— Barbara Clark, Central CT State University – M.ED
Linda Peck worked with our school for several years through cultural arts and her contribution was invaluable. I have requested that she continue through a grant she was applying for with the Local Cultural Council.
— Gwen Agna, Jackson Street School
I attended a Tai Chi/Qi Gong class in Northampton taught by Linda Peck and was surprised. I am Chinese and just came to the US and wasn’t expecting it to be so traditional. She is the closest thing I have found to authentic Chinese teaching and knows many of our customs. She has added her own teaching which is interesting and valuable. My colleagues would be interested in her unique yet traditional style.
— Yichi Zhang, Freshman, University of Massachusetts (Hometown: CHEN VILLAGE – Hunan Province, China)
Many students wanted to transfer to Linda Pecks’ class after hearing from others about her unusual approach, using movement, music, art and more to teach Philosophy. Linda did not allow the books to imprint knowledge on the students but through the vehicles of discussion, debate, internal exploration and more their minds were sparked, and inspired with heightened knowledge and understanding.
— Raquel Pelletier, Dean of Academics, Amherst College
The children had many thoughtful questions for Linda during their time together. She really encouraged them to think deeper about what she was teaching them.
— Casey Decouteau, Studio Programs, Goodwin Experiential Elementary, Brookfield School
Your novel approach to teaching, facilitated a whole auditorium of students to participate in concepts like conformity, and prompted a dynamic class discussion of the classical philosophers, all the while laying historical groundwork.
— Richard Chrisman, Berkshire Community College (Humanities)
When Mary Poppins, aka Linda Peck, appeared, our arts festival all at once became a London Street. Toting her magical umbrella and carpet bag, she charmed both young and old alike. As one small child tugged at her skirt saying, “Is she real?” Linda with marionette-like skill and precision floated her umbrella up as if to fly, and the little girl squealed with joy.
— Tim Greenway, Portland Press Herald
Our school has focused on issues of communication and bullying and we requested Linda Peck come in to do workshops on helping our students with social and behavioral interactions. She was able to incorporate subject curriculum into her program as well as teaching the teachers which gave sustainability to it as well as having students engaged in her approach. She made a difference in our school community.
— Laurie Sperry MCSW Counselor, Bridge Street School, Northampton MA
Waiting to go into an operation for terminal brain cancer, I practiced the Tai Chi techniques Linda Peck taught me in the past two years. I remember so vividly the positive energy, and Linda’s guidance and mindful techniques as I was wheeled in. Linda has come to my home these months and worked with me on deficits from the surgery and I am healing. Her ability to connect the ideas behind what Tai Chi means and teaching me techniques I can rely on myself when she is not with me have been priceless. I gave her a book from Harvard Medical School on the benefits of Tai Chi and told her she could have written it!
— Susan Platt, Silkscreen Artist, Greenfield MA