Speaker/ Presenter/ Trainer

Speaker/ Presenter/ Trainer

Designing programs based on unique connections from Mime to non-verbal communication to Mindfulness , Linda uses her eclectic background blending Mime, psycho-biology, Asian concepts of mindfulness, Tai Chi, Laban, and somatic expressive techniques addressing Effective Communication skills, encouraging use of oneself as an instrument of influence and change.Linda
is a strategic, unique thinker, who inspires employees from Corporate to Education Organizations to embrace new ways of seeing and thinking about their roles and corporate culture interactions.

Linda has worked nationally with companies and professional associations/organizations. She is available for speaking/presenting nationally and globally.

Corporate, Organizational Clients include:

  • Warner Media/ Turner CNN

  • CIGNA Corporation

  • General Electric Corporation

  • ATME/ATHE Conference Panelist, Orlando Fla.

  • New Hampshire Public Radio- Story hour Presenter

  • New England College

  • Antioch Univ. Mindfulness Conference

  • Central CT.St. Univ .Mindfulness Conference

  • Western Ct. State Univ. Mindfulness Conference

  • SPARK NH. Education Conference



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She has taught programs related to bullying, communication, health, peer relations, respect, substance prevention, choice, philosophy, theater, and movement in many New England schools.



Linda offers a TEACHERS’ STAFF DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, utilizing movement exercises that illustrate how curriculum can be delivered in the classroom. Furthermore, Linda addresses social and behavioral strategies, that teachers can adjust to whatever grade or population they are serving.

Linda’s communication and management strategies which were approached using movement techniques, captured the attention of close to 200 employees, as en masse they closed their laptops to participate. They were engaged and intrigued, and left with new skills and mindsets. We need this at Cigna.
— Frederica Krea Cigna Corporation