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Linda Peck has performed Mime, Juggling, Puppetry and Circus for the past 36 years, touring around the globe with two theatre companies and as a solo show. Linda uses props to tell stories, and leaves audiences with awe as well as wonder.


Performance styles/ include:

MIME, Improvisation, Physical Theatre, Circus, Illusion

Mime, Improvisationa and Circus Performances: From balancing on a tight rope to juggling and illusion, Linda performances spark the imagination and funny bone

Living Statues and Robotics
Linda creates an magical environment with stillness and amuses audiences with her Statue characters including: From Mary Poppins to Van Gogh's Starry Night, to Madame Curie, Linda takes you into a world of history, and techique which intrigues and delights.





Clever contained zanniness.
— The Providence Journal Bulletin
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Watch video below.

With a deluge of pounding rain on the roof of the Annenberg Theatre, Linda whisked the children’s theatre professionals away in her topsy-turvy world of bubbles emanating from a whirling airplane catapulting us beyond the sound to a place of laughter mixing fine art and circus.
— Professional Association of Children's Theatre