about Linda


Past Co-director of Theatre Company, Double Vision, LeCoq Theatre, and Physical comedy Linda Peck M.Ed. has toured a one woman show across the globe integrating Mime, Circus, Laban, Commedia and Mindful motifs. With over 20 years of study, research and experience in Theatre, Theatre History, Circus and Mime, and mind body practices, Linda presently teaches as an adjunct, presents workshops, professional developments, teacher and corporate training and keynote speeches across the country. 

With  a double focus in Integrated Arts and Mindfulness Practices, Linda has worked with New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA) New Hampshire Public Radio, CT Office of the Arts, Inspired Classrooms, CREC Mindfulness Conference, Antioch Building a Better World Conference, and many more. Linda has choreographed many productions, published articles, and is in the midst of finishing a book on Mime, mindfulness, and alternate universes.

She studied mime at Le Coq School of Theatre in Paris, additionally Thomas Leabhart, Tony Montanaro and Jody Scalise, and theatre/ choreography with Daniel Stein, Debra Brown (Cirque du Soleil) and Suny Purchase Antic Arts Academy among many other teachers.


Linda challenges people with paradoxical ideas, which connect and fuels new Ideas and thoughts for students and participants. She links cognitive thought, with articulate thought to lead people to discover new ways of thinking and seeing.

With her certifications in and teaching through Chinese cultural models, Tai Chi, Wing Chun, Kung Fu, and mindfulness, Linda focuses on self-education and enhancing learning to learn. Additionally through a mindfulness lens, Linda inspires people to think beyond the limits of their knowledge to what is not visible.


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  • Plymouth State University MASTERS Arts Integration/Mindfulness Graduate year 2015, Plymouth, NH
  • Lesley University 2014 Mindfulness Training /Arts Integration, Cambridge, MA
  • Lions Gait Martial Arts — Master Joseph Scalise, Buckland, MA
  • Smith College — Theatre, Northampton, MA
  • Tony Montanaro, Celebration Barn South Paris ME
  • National Mime Theatre Conference, Michael Pedretti Director, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Czech Theatre, Bolek Polivka , Philadelphia, PA
  • Suny Purchase, Antic Arts Academy, Suny NY.
  • Theatre Direction, Pierre Byland, Switzerland
  • École Internationale de ThÉÂtre Jacques Lecoq, France


  • Cirque du Soleil, Dodi DeSantos
  • Corporate Workshop: Mind-Body Awareness Techniques: Mindfulness, Tai Chi
  • Choreography with Debra Brown
  • The Center for Movement Theatre
  • Daniel Stein
  • Tom Leabhart
  • Michael Moschen
  • Fred Garbo
  • Bob Berke and more
Many students wanted to transfer to Linda Pecks’ class after hearing from others about her unusual approach, using movement, music ,art and more to teach Philosophy. Linda did not allow the books to imprint knowledge on the students but through the vehicles of discussion, debate, internal exploration and more their minds were sparked, and inspired with heightened knowledge and understanding.
— Amherst College, Raquel Pelletier Dean of Academics

Performance Credits

  • Travelling Broadway Production of Mary Poppins, Hanover Theatre, Worcester MA, Bushnell Theatre, Hartford CT
  • First Night Boston, First Night Danbury, First Night Hartford, Boston Strong Festival, The Boston Globe, Cambridge RiverFest,
  • International Theatre Festivals, International Performing Arts for Youth (Annenberg Theatre)
  • Opening Act For Smothers Brothers /Mark Twain Festival, Hartford, CT/
  • CNBC T.V. Children’s Series
  • Evening Magazine/Opened For Shari Lewis World Trade Center
  • Academy of Music Nutcracker 75 performances
  • CAST member of DION Opera written by Harry Parche/Smithsonian Museum-Family Series
  • International Children’s Theatre Festival, Montreal Arts Festival, Flint Youth Theatre. Michigan, SoulFest,
    • Nickelodeon, CNBC TV KID ROCK
    • Interviewed on the Joe Franklin Talk Show Channel 9 NY, Filmed on Evening Magazine
    • Performances in Italy, Switzerland and France

Activities and Societies

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  • International Jugglers Assn
  • International Mime Festival
  • Arts for Social Change Society
  • Women and the Arts
  • George Washington Alumni Assn
  • Boston Casting
  • Berkshire Creative
  • Mass Cultural Council Common Ground