Workshops & Residencies

Linda PeckLinda Peck graduated with Honors from George Washington University 1977, and was a professional ballerina with the Washington Ballet, Washington DC. As a teaching artist/presenter she has a strong background in the design of nontraditional teaching techniques that combine curriculum/course requirements with arts integration. She has received grants in support of her work from institutions like the Mass Cultural Council, the Puffin Foundation, The Tapestry Project, The Humanities Project(NY), Safe Schools Healthy Students, and the Institute for the Gifted and Talented.

She has taught programs related to bullying, communication, health, peer relations, respect, substance prevention, choice, philosophy, theater, and movement in many New England schools, including:

Amherst College SIG PROGRAM Elementary Through High School; Reid Middle, Pittsfield, MA; Greenfield Middle, Greenfield, MA; Herberg Middle School, Pittsfield, MA; Williamsburg Elementary, MA; Keene Middle, NH; Northfield Elementary, MA; Erving Elementary, MA; New Haven Middle, CT; Cider Mill Elementary, Wilton, CT; Berkshire Country Day School, Williamstown, MA; Hamden Middle/High School, CT; Indian Mountain School, CT; Hermon Elementary/Middle, ME; Hampden Middle, ME; Pelham Elementary, MA; Jackson Street School, Northampton MA; Ryan Road School, Florence, MA; Deerfield Elementary School, MA; Conway Elementary, Shenandohowa Schools , Elementary/Middle Schenectady, Colonie, NY; Vermont Tour of Elementary, Middle and High Schools!

She is available for both one-time workshops and long-term residencies.

Workshops for Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

IMG_0753In her workshops, Linda uses the universal language of movement to capture student curiosity in interactive learning. Her programs are geared toward STEAM (Science, Technology, English, Arts, and Movement) and introduce students to core curriculum through the use of Movement, Mime, Martial Arts and Mind-body awareness concepts. Linda will lead students in exploring ways to create a physical vocabulary, using their bodies as expressive instruments, to be more imaginative, creative and focused. (For more information contact Linda. See also program titles on the Booking page, or watch a video of her “Moving Through Words and Pictures” program.)

Additionally, Linda offers a TEACHERS’ STAFF DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, utilizing movement exercises that illustrate how curriculum can be delivered in the classroom. Furthermore, Linda addresses social and behavioral strategies, that teachers can adjust to whatever grade or population they are serving.

Linda also has extensive experience through VERY SPECIAL ARTS, working with children who learn differently, as well as children with special needs.

Parent Teacher Workshop Ct Nonverbal Communication metaphor[7]“Through stories, myths, legends and fables, Linda Peck shared with our students ideas around relationship, the role ancient societies play in our lives today and their influences on our literature, music, art, architecture and theatre. We hope she will return for a residency this year.” ~ Rita Detweiler, Gill Elementary School, Gill MA

“Our school has focused on issues of communication and bullying and we requested Linda Peck come in to do workshops on helping our students with social and behavioral interactions. She was able to incorporate subject curriculum into her program as well as teaching the teachers which gave sustainability to it as well as having students engaged in her approach. She made a difference in our school community.” ~ Bridge Street School , Northampton MA Laurie Sperry MCSW Counselor

“Linda was able to capture the attention of even the most wandering students with her activities and teach the Middle School Students about relating on more effective levels without their knowledge but with their consent!” ~ Sara Singer, Community Partnership Grants Director Greenfield Middle School


Workplace dynamics can be a slippery slope and it is helpful when we can all recognize ourselves within the context of a situation, as then we are able to see that everyone has one from which they think and act. It is then we can better understand one another and work collaboratively. Understanding how to influence without being forceful, this workshop will explore what to do in stressful business relationships or situations, how to respond and not react, and how to regulate our own physical tensions to allay stress, anxiety, and impeded performance.

Linda has far-reaching experience working in Wellness and Corporate Communities and has been employed by Hewlett Packard, General Electric, MCI and more.