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Life Imitates Art


Mary Poppins Van Gogh’s Starry Night FroZen


“Linda Peck has brought to life the story behind Van Gogh’s Starry Night, blending a performance of athleticism, artistry and dazzling movement, filled with joyful, jaw dropping, magical charm that are sure to leave you breathless, and absolutely smitten.” ~ Andrea Wise, The Hartford Courant

Audiences Love Her!

“When Mary Poppins, aka Linda Peck, appeared, our arts festival all at once became a London Street. Toting her magical umbrella and carpet bag, she charmed both young and old alike. As one small child tugged at her skirt saying, “Is she real?” Linda with marionette-like skill and precision floated her umbrella up as if to fly, and the little girl squealed with joy.” ~ Tim Greenway, Portland Press Herald

“I kept coming back to see you as Starry Night. You had me believing you were really a statue, and then you moved like a robot and it took me by total surprise and curiosity at how robotic you looked. You are extraordinary!” ~ Monica Howe

“As Annie Oakley, Linda Peck was outstanding, authentic and engaging. She can lasso even the most hesitant of audiences, as she made them laugh, and then in a totally breathtaking moment she balanced a 6 foot ladder.” ~ Steve Burgess, The Sentinel


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