Linda Peck Productions

Integrating the Arts with Science and Literature
Aligned with DOE Curriculum Frameworks

Connecting Active Mindfulness, Self-Regulation and Higher Order Thinking Skills to Academic Disciplines

Workshops/Residencies/Professional Development

Curriculum driven workshops, artist residencies and professional development programs in classrooms and community settings. These arts-inclusive learning workshops incorporate engaging movement, mime, sign language, and mindfulness techniques to explore literature, science and imaginative expression. Linda illustrates how movement, silent communication, and mindfulness can be used to render curriculum, and additionally targets areas of social and behavioral issues (competencies) to enhance concentration and attention. Children cannot learn without focus and the ability to think critically. See how this child-initiated, teacher-guided approach with a strong emphasis on intuitive sense learning, and contextual application of knowledge, can help children become more probing, creative, and excel.

unnamedNurturing awareness and creativity through multi-disciplinary approaches to learning, Linda Peck’s workshop promotes inquiry-based learning, independent thinking and produces students who are able to adapt, strategize and think through higher order reasoning. Her programs embody a collaborative environment that target meta-cognitive skills and social competencies — i.e., social, emotional, creative, physical, and character development.

“The children had many thoughtful questions for Linda during their time together. She really encouraged them to think deeper about what she was teaching them.”
Goodwin Experiential Elementary – Brookfield School
Casey Decouteau – Studio Programs

Professional Development

What environment promotes creativity and higher order thinking in students’ minds and bodies? Linda Peck’s intensive Professional Development Program provides teachers and leaders, involved in instruction, with new skills and instructional practices that can be applied to existing lessons and leverages possibilities for new and innovative outcomes.
Focusing on contextual learning, reflective programs that incorporate bodily sensations, and self–assessment models, teachers are imbued with new instructional practices that will help their students gain important cognitive and academic skills, leading to critical thinking and complex problem solving for optimal success.

profdevLinda has extensive experience in professional development, instructional design and instruction. Her background in Mind, Brain, Body, Life Sciences and Education, give her an appreciation of the dynamic learning process. She works with CT Arts For Learning (an affiliate of Young Audiences), The Department of Education, NEFA and many more.

“As a presenter, Linda inspired the teachers, using visual thinking strategies and movement techniques to broaden their focus to create a wide range of responses. She was impressive and addressed many layers of learning.”
Barbara Clark, Central CT State University – M.ED

Mind-Body Awareness Techniques: Mindfulness, Tai Chi

Movement Artist, Mime, and Mindfulness practitioner, Linda Peck’s exceptional work focuses on opening up a wide range of possibilities to understanding and engaging in the world. Techniques like relaxed concentration, controlled patterned breathing, and other awareness strategies that are adaptive to serve each individual or collective, promotes effective communication, self regulation, self accountability, and better problem solving. Learn evidence-based skills that can “enhance work productivity, creativity, and physical and mental performance.”  (Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi)


Inventive theatre, mime, circus and characters take center stage in Linda Peck’s cleverly crafted productions. Using unique skills such as walking a tight rope held by other people, contortion, illusion, clowning and comic vignettes, and combining characters, Linda’s shows are designed so as to be applicable for many different themes.

All programs are directly linked to Common Core Standards. Partial funding available by the New England Foundation for the Arts(NEFA).